Apr 27

Went bowling with the Black Box workforce, shot photos and put together this post on blackboxdist.com Here’s Drew Burke and Ben Gilley having fun out there.

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Apr 27

Shot photos and laid out this web post on blackboxdist.com working in the web dept. Here’s me with Joey Shigeo. Special thanks to Chad Foreman for throwing down for the pizza.

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Apr 26

This was my first photo web post I shot and put together for blackboxdist.com By then I’d stopped working warehouse and was in the web dept. full time. Mario Rubalcaba, hyped.

Apr 25

Shot this photo of my buddy Jeremy Nichols downtown the other day.

Apr 23

Always had fun shooting photos and laying out Inside the Box posts.
J-HON and Rattray hangin in the old web office. Check out the whole post here.

Marisa lipsliding in the backyard.

Here’s the Lil’ Lunch Break video, originally part of the post, with Roberto AlemaΓ± & friends.

Fun fact, while filming the footage above with Roberto & Daniel Lebron, I was dressed up as So-Cal Suzie the Meth-mouth Floozie for Halloween at Black Box.

Apr 20

Shot some photos along with Mike Gilbert for the Black Box Dist. 10 Year Holiday Anv. Party

My old warehouse crew buddies, Bryce Ortega & Jonathan ‘Fiddy’ Fitzgerald. Click for more.