Sep 17

Shot and edited this video for Lowcard & Route 44. Shot the photo of Julian Klincewicz.

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Aug 13

Longtime buddy of mine Matt Sosa’s I’ve Got Five On It for Lowcard

Aug 06

Shot and edited this video with Drew Dezort for Blood Wizard. Also shot the marquee photos.

Aug 06

Check out Connor Getzlaff skating in San Diego, CA and touching up an art piece. You can see more of his handywork and read a full Behind the Brush interview with Skooter on Network Skate. Portrait photo by Ortega.

May 06

Shot, edited, talked and skated in this Poler Ureview for Network Skate. Also mixed up a little Megadeth bass line x Walking Dead zombie soundtrack if you listen closely.

Apr 27

Teamed up with Dennis Durrant & Joey Shigeo on this web contest for, working in the web dept.

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